Gilmosery, Seoul, Korea by Kim in-cheurl + Archium | via

Gilmosery is a seven-story (one underground and six floors above ground level) reinforced concrete structure, which sits on a 383m2 site. The building consists of 1028.97m2 of office space that is dedicated to an e-banking software development company-Settlebank Corporation.

Surplus Planning a commercial building at a residential zone is comparable to applying the standards of casual clothing to formal attire. Instead of applying the rules in relationship to area and height, the architect approached the design by relating it to the site condition.

The regulations, to control the density of a city, conflict with the architectural theory of maximizing the useful space. To meet the guidelines of the lot-coverage ratio and floor-area ratio, the idea of utilizing a typical form had to be eliminated. Atypical form can be complicated; however it could be an architectural suggestion to stimulate the ordinary alley.

Photography: Wansoon Park

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